About Us

Bringing back the art of beautifully hand crafted clothing, British label Nadinoo has created a whimsical, enchanted world. With the belief that each customer should be able to find the perfect garment, it is easy to see how the label has already developed a loyal following, with customers all over the world. With each piece carefully constructed by hand or made to order, Nadinoo is able to offer an impeccable personalised service. Only the most sumptuous fabrics are used, with silks and cottons from Liberty of London heavily featuring in each collection.

Within this enchanted world Nadinoo designs for three fictional characters Pixie, Fleur and Lula. Pixie is the adventurous Tomboy, playful and curious about nature and all it’s creatures, Lula enjoys luring the boys with her mischievous ways and girlish charms, never afraid to break a heart or two, where as Fleur is a delicate flower and a dreamer, forever lost in her thoughts and magical books that take her somewhere new each day.

Nadinoo is a cute, pretty and playful label for the modern lady who still treasures styling and stories of the past. Soft detailing and feminine designs, with timeless silhouettes are clear from her collections. With inspiration taken from the early to mid 1900’s, Nadia enjoys dipping in and out of iconic eras and picking her favourite details which she re-works into silhouettes for the season.

How it all Started

Nadinoo is the childhood nickname of British designer Nadia Izruna. After graduating in Fashion Design from Manchester Metropolitan University she was head hunted by an international brand where she gained a valuable insight into the Fashion Industry. 3 years on she was ready to break away and start her very own clothing label with the focus on crafted handmade garments. With only her final pay packet Nadia launched the first Nadinoo collection in Spring 2009. She said: “I had to sell what few dresses I had sewn in order to afford fabric to make more. I’m thrilled at how it has grown over the years, without any outside investment. It’s a dream come true! ”